How to setup OpenVPN (pFSense version) on client PC

I already covered OpenVPN configuration on pFSense server, and you can read more about it here –

This is tutorial where I will be describing client part of the OpenVPN installation. Once again this short tutorial is targeted for the OpenVPN installation on pFSense.

This tutorial is addition to the OpenVPN configuration on pFSense which I linked above.

On the client PC first step is to download OpenVPN client, installation can be found here

Select Client OS that you use and download


I won`t be covering installation – it is more or less Next |Next procedure, if you install on Windows in one moment you`ll be asked to install additional network adapters – Accept it



After you are done with the install – copy exported configuration to the client PC and extract it to the

C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config folder

If you exported archive like I did, you should have all the files you need for the successful VPN connection

Here is what extracted files look like


After you extracted and copied your configuration to config folder of OpenVPN client go to the system tray and find icon with little PC with padlock | right click on it and select Connect

If you done everything correctly, you should now have the connection to the pFSense OpenVPN

Let us check the status on the pFSense firewall


Status |OpenVPN






We successfully connected to the VPN and now you probably want to access local resources on the remote VPN network – and at this stage you probably cannot.  You can establish VPN connection and it works, but you cannot access anything remotely.


The article would be too long so I separated it – if you want to know how to access remote resources over VPN connection on OpenVPN read here –


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