Apple Watch

Wearables/Smartwatches are first thing after tablet “revolution” that were mind-boggling to me, and as with tablets I decided to get one of these wearables and to see if it makes sense in my life. I wear watches every day, and have quite a few timepieces, so smartwatch (maybe) can make sense for me. I don`t own expensive watches, I wear them more as an everyday jewellery and as addition to my style on different occasions.  Some of them I have more than 10 years. Read More

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iPhone 5

All new iPhone, the iPhone 5 is here. I`m using iPhone and iOS platform since the day one and my last iPhone was iPhone 4s. Since I broke it, I got myself a new one – iPhone 5 and decided to write a quick review about it while it`s still fresh. Read More

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iPad 2

The article about iPad 2 is waiting now for a long time to be published… It`s my company for quite some time now, and the text about it is on hold for a long time. All this hype about New iPad made me to look through text about the iPad 2 one more time and finally publish it. :)

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Nook Color

Nook Color is still a great hardware, although is already a whole year on the market.  It`s a great device for reading, browsing web and multimedia consuming in general.

Since Nook Color appeared, it gained a lot of fans all around the world and developers just love it. Reason for such popularity is mainly in its price, but also in great hardware Nook Color is packing. Read More

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