Exchange 2007 DB repair stuck at “Deleting Unicode fixup table”

Recently I had to repair one Exchange 2007 database using eseutil /p command. Database is 176GB large. You should use eseutil /p as a last resort for your database, but that is topic for some other time.In my experience eseutil /p always succeeds, but last time I thought it wouldn`t.

It stuck at “Deleting Unicode fixup table”. This screen was stuck for hours. Percentage was at about 20% and progress bar below “Deleting Unicode fixup table” was stuck.


I looked at Task Manager and saw that eseutil process was active whole time. Eseutil was using RAM, processor , I/O Read and Write operations were constantly moving.

At last, after 60 hours, procedure completed. Although operation finished, progress bar was still stuck at Deleting Unicode fixup table.



Lesson for this one – you should wait for eseutil to finish even it seems to be stuck. :)