OpenStack – Domains menu missing in Horizon Dashboard (CentOS)

You would like to administer your OpenStack through Horizon, but Domains menu is nowhere to be seen. Here is a quick tip on how to enable the menu.

Login to your controller node and navigate to the /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings

sudo vi /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings

Insert following line, or if it is already in the file, set it to true


If this is ok, and you still cannot see Domains uder admin account, there is one more thing you can do – give admin user in default domain admin role.

I thought I done it before during installation, but lets try again.

Find admin user UUID

openstack user list | grep admin

Verify role assignment before making change (change my UUID in command with yours)

openstack role assignment list | grep e9bf7a3b55                              99497ab3e6c145094b1b4f

Now, we will add user admin, to admin group in domain default

openstack role add --domain default --user e9bf7a3b55                              99497ab3e6c145094b1b4f admin

Again, check role assignments after the change

openstack role assignment list | grep e9bf7a3b55                              99497ab3e6c145094b1b4f

Ok, something happened.

Lets check the Horizon Dashboard


If multidomain is enabled in your Dasboard, it is worth trying with admin role assignment, it should work after.