PHP Manager for IIS doesn’t work in Windows 10

I’m doing a lot of testing on Windows 10 machines with IIS, and for some services I need PHP. In order for PHP to work with IIS PHP Manager for IIS is needed –

It worked fine until Windows 10.

In Windows 10 after you start installation of PHP Manager for IIS (let’s assume IIS, Net Framework 3.5 and Visual C++ redistributables are installed)  you’ll only get following message:


“PHP Manager for IIS requires IIS7 or higher to be installed. Do you want to learn more on how to obtain and install IIS 7?”


It doesn’t matter which you choose – yes or no. (if you choose yes – will be opened in your web browser, no just closes the dialog and nothing happens.)


In order to make PHP Manager for IIS work on Windows 10 you need to edit registry.

Open search | type in regedit | find following value in registry



Double click on MajorVersion and change value in “Value data” field from a to 8 | confirm change with OK


MajorVersion should now have (8) instead of (10)


Retry PHP Manager for IIS installation…

For me installation now works:


When you’re finished change registry value back to (a)


That’s it. PHP Manager should now work in your IIS on Windows 10.